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sym-audience-animAdvanced Communication Skills Training. Schedule.

Get trained personally by Steve Boyley, world renowned trainer of Advanced Communication Skills.Motivate Color

You can attend this LIVE online training in your location and get these skills sooner rather than later! Live training each week, with practice in-between, and in a few weeks you will be confidently using Advanced Communication Skills and adding “Communication Skills Specialist” to your credentials. Register for the next event and begin!

Physical problems we

  • Jet lag, seat fatigue and airport frustration to get to our location and then back home again.
  • 8 days in a windowless training room located in a beautiful location you won’t see.
  • 9 nights in a hotel room with long distance roaming rates to update home.
  • 10 days of restaurant food or trying to cook in your hotel room.
  • A wallet that is a whole lot lighter at the end.

Become A Skillful Communicator.sym-hands-2

  1. Advanced Communication Skills Training where you rapidly learn how to use all 13 communication skill sets.
  2. 15 LIVE
    • Live training where you get to interact personally with internationally acclaimed Advanced Communication Skills Trainer Steve Boyley.
    • Comprehensive course content and experiences.
      • Applications: Personal, business, persuasion, coaching, education, hypnosis, sports and therapy.
    • Videos to watch before and after the course ACS 00 00 introfor introduction and review.
      • Before: Watch the videos covering all 13 skills in 2 hours and prime your mind with the main points for each skill.
      • After: Watch the videos again and realize, with your new skills, that there is a huge increase in what you notice is in the videos than you did before.
    • sym-bookReview notes designed to keep your skills sharp! The complete Advanced Communication Skills manual. Easy to download and print.
    • One on one and group interaction, with the trainers and other participants, sym-brain-connectduring presentations, exercises in breakout rooms and after class socializing.
      • All the Communication Skills Specialist skills. The first time you take this training you begin to use these skills in everything you do.
      • All the Communication Skills Master skills (Specialists are in the masters class, we don’t hold anything back).
      • Masters, people taking the training for the second time, have previous experience that enables a completely different focus and awareness. The second time, you are aware of all the skills being applied in the training starting day one!cs--specialist-0
  3. Certification: 
    • Higher level category of certification.
    • Wide range of applications that goes beyond other certifications for specific applications of communication skills.
    • The certification that you don’t have to explain. Say it all, in three words!
    • Enhance your career options, session-groupby having this certification on your resume!
    • logo-abhseal-300x288OPTION: American Board Of Hypnotherapy certification after successfully gaining competency with the Advanced Communication Skills in all 15 classes. Two certificates:
      • Certified Hypnotherapist.
      • Registered Hypnotherapist.
  4. Confidence that you can use these skills effectively in your personal and professional interactions every day of your life!

LOCATIONYour computer, tablet or smart phone.sym-brain-active

  • Awesome accelerated learning environment where you get powerful communication skills, presented LIVE!
  1. You connect from your place for each training!hardware
    • Fun to use portal into our training room, from anywhere in the world.
    • Secure encrypted communication connections.
    • Easy to attend on PC, Mac, Linux, I-Pad/Phone, Android (one click link).
  2. Participate with everyone in the class via webcam. training room 02
    • Computer with Mic, Camera & Speakers (or headphones) required to participate in exercises, discussion and to ask questions.
    • Mobile smart phone and tablet devices require headphones (built in speaker causes feedback).
  3. Easy to use advanced web-conference training room. No download for computer, auto app install for mobile.sym-world_net
    • Convenient! Anywhere in the world you have internet.
    • BYOB for after class fun socializing.
  4. Green! No travel, hotels, parking, wasted time or fuel.

Business And Relationships Improved

BC, Canada. Ryan Thomas, CSE. Entrepreneur. “Steve Boyley’s training never disappoints. This was my third time taking his training over a 6 year period, and I always learn something new. I have found that these skills have massively transformed my business and personal relationships… SEE NOW

Payments we

  • $2,800 USD Training at Steve’s location.
  • $2,400 USD Hotels, meals and transportation.
  • $?,??? USD 10 days (2 for travel) of your work or vacation time.
  • Total over $5,200 USD.

Become A Skillful Communicator.
Advanced Communication Skills Training.

Convert USD

Total for all 15 classes pay in advance.

  • $ 1,000 USD Communication Skills Specialist.
    No experience necessary.
  • $ 1,000 USD Communication Skills Master.
    Previous CSS or NLP certification required.
  • $ 1,000 USD Communication Skills Expert.
    Previous CSM or MNLP certification required.
  • 15 LIVE online classes.
      • N & S America and Europe. (Weekends)
        • Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks

  • Class timeSee YOUR TIME ZONE below.
  • Venue:
    A place where you can enjoy attending the classes without outside disturbances.
  • Tools you need:
    Computer, tablet or smart phone with mic, camera and internet, to open training room portal.

img-calendarSchedule: Limited seating, apply today.

March 10, 2015. Status: Completed. Sold Out.

April 14, 2015. Status: Completed. Sold Out.

July 14, 2015. Status: Completed. Sold Out.

September 29, 2015. Status: Completed. Sold Out.

November 3, 2015. Status:

sym-audience-anim2016 Trainings. Status: Waiting List.
N & S America and Europe. (Weekends)
Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks.

8 AM to 2 PM. PST. = Los Angeles / Vancouver
9 AM to 3 PM. MST. = Denver / Calgary
11 AM to 5 PM. EST. = New York / Toronto
4 PM to 10 PM. GMT. = London / Lisbon
5 PM to 11 PM. CET. = Paris / Rome
6 PM to Midnight. EET. = Cairo / Johannesburg

APPLY NOW to be accepted for one of our 2016 training courses.

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2016 dates to be announced as our schedule unfolds.


Become A Skillful Communicator. Advanced Communication Skills.

This is the timing of modules for each of the 2 class schedules available.

Agenda of modules for Saturday, Sunday training course.
Agenda of modules for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday training course.

Policy: Personal use of any information presented is entirely your own will and any results you experience are of your own making. 80% of course fees refundable only until day before the event. Missed classes can be taken at future events. Successful completion of all 15 classes is required for certification. Trainers evaluation is final.

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