Advanced Communication Skills Certification.

There are 3 levels of Advanced Communication Skills Certification.

Although each Advanced Communication Skills certification course covers much the same material, the experience and understanding at each level is different.

Experience Level 1: Communication Skills Specialist™

Advanced Communication Skills Specialist Certificate.People taking the training for the first time also get all the Communication Skills Master skills. Specialists are in the masters class, we don’t hold anything back!

Experience Level 2: Communication Skills Master™

Advanced Communication Skills Master Certificate.People taking the training for the second time, have previous experience that enables a completely different focus and awareness. The second time, you are aware of the skills being applied in the training starting day one!

Experience Level 3: Communication Skills Expert™

PAdvanced Communication Skills Expert Certificate.eople taking the training a third time, increase their awareness and skills to a “meta-level” that enables them to apply finer nuances and complex combinations of skills and strategies.

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