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Every year, a few of our students take the time to write reviews about their experience. We have reviews from Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, China, Indonesia and Australia

There are many reviews and most are more than a few lines in length. Excerpts and links to each of the full reviews follow:

Great Training… It’s Been Gold!

Ontario, Canada. Chris Venn, CSM. Entrepreneur, Business Owner. "...It's been gold! I've been able to apply it in my business, my personal live, personal goals that I am after, in parenting, working with clients, working with colleagues, my business partners and so on... It's affordable, it's practical, it's... SEE NOW

Business And Relationships Improved

BC, Canada. Ryan Thomas, CSE. Entrepreneur. “Steve Boyley’s training never disappoints. This was my third time taking his training over a 6 year period, and I always learn something new. I have found that these skills have massively transformed my business and personal relationships… SEE NOW

Hypnotherapist Gets Amazing Results With Clients

BC, Canada. Peter Bohme, CSS. CHT. Hypnotherapist. “I attended the online Advance Communication Skills course and it was awesome... does lead to enthusiastic living and loss of limiting beliefs… used some of the techniques in my Hypnotherapy practice with amazing results... SEE NOW

Improved Relationships With New Skills

BC, Canada. Crystal Jeffery, CSS. Legal Clerk. "This course was very enriching experience and a very beneficial outcome. This is helping me at work with my co-workers, my personal relationship with my boyfriend and not only with family and friends but strangers as well. I highly recommend this course... SEE NOW

Professional Trainer Has Performance Ratings Skyrocket

Thailand. David Chard, CSM. Professional Trainer. "I have used this system with Steve and I assure you it is amazing. Grounded in NLP principles, this is the course you need to take your career to the next level. After I took the course from Steve in 2006, my performance ratings skyrocketed... SEE NOW

NLP Master Excited By Possibilities

Ohio, USA. Jeff Richards, CSM. NLP Master. "This is pretty cool. After being in the online training room with Steve, I was impressed. In many ways, this is even better than the training experience you'd get if you were all physically in the same room. I'm really excited by the possibilities this offers... SEE NOW

Steve Can Enhance Your Life

BC, Canada. Faisal Khattak, CSS. NLP. Entrepreneur. "It was a great experience with my mentor Steve Boyley, who is a fantastic teacher and facilitator. For some of my friends it was a huge challenge travelling plus extra costs to learn this amazing life skill. Check out the course and see how Steve can enhance your life.... SEE NOW

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