Improve Your Communication Skills

nlp-trainer-steve-boyley-01Improve your communication skills by taking these factors into consideration.

“Wisdom is a result of careful observation and exercising multiple perspectives.” Steve Boyley.

sym-interactThe People involved, and their relationship, affect the communication.

  • Sender of the communication
    • State of mind, mood and attitude.
    • Status relative to the receiver.
  • Receiver of the communication.
    • State of mind, mood and attitude.
    • Status relative to the sender.

sym-hands-2The Messages being communicated.

  • Content of the message.
    • Complexity of the message content.
      • Intended message.
      • Received message.
  • Meta message, the moral of the story.
    • Complexity of the meta message.
      • Intended message.
      • Received message.

sym-keyThe Medium is the most subjective factor of communication.

  • Context of the communication
    • Constraints of the context.
    • Objectives, Role, Timing etc.
  • Cultural biases.
    • Presuppositions of the culture.
    • Rules of the culture.
  • Channels of communication.
    • Images and visual ques such as body language.
    • Voice and other sounds.
    • Written text.
    • Physical contact.

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