Body Language And Tone Is 90% Of The Message

Go beyond words, learn to read people’s body language.

  • Enhance your senses to see, hear, feel, smell and taste more accurate details.
  • Facial expressions, gestures, posture and movement that will tell you far more than what someone may be intending to say.
    • Split facial expressions.
    • Micro expressions.
    • Gesture clusters.
    • Posture directions.
  • Body language, voice tone and vocal patterns that help you spot when someone is being less than truthful.
    • Truthful vs. deceitful facial cues.
    • Truthful vs. deceitful gestures and posture.
    • Truthful vs. deceitful vocal cues.
  • More depth and detail on these skills than is possible in full day events that have a pressing schedule of other topics to be covered.

Why Learn Mind And Body Language?

  • Tune in to vast amounts of information that’s below the radar for most people.
  • Gather high quality, mission critical, information about other people.
  • Know the difference between when people tell you the truth, and when they tell you a lie!
  • Save tons of time and frustration by getting it right and avoiding embarrassing mistakes.

Learn some Body Language skills now! 

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