Conditioning Responses

Conditioning responses makes it easy to repeat the response.Cartoon Pavlov conditioning responses.

Conditioning responses is easy to see when it’s being used to condition an animal. It’s not as obvious when it’s is being used on people, because it can work so fast! In fact, it works so well that much of our behavior is a result of conditioning. It speeds up our life, we do not have to waste time rethinking what to do. We just do it!

Take control of conditioning, decide what responses are useful and not so useful. Learn how to quickly condition people with new responses and utilize existing ones.

Conditioning Processes.

  • Overt, covert and subliminal approaches.

Conditioning Methods

  • Channels of communication.
  • Types of stimulus.
  • Short term vs. long term.

Conditioning Applications

  • Business, sales, therapy and personal applications.
  • Conditioning personal controls.

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