Changing Thought Qualities

Changing thought qualities has a huge impact on the impact of thoughts.Changing thought qualities.

People say “It’s the thought that counts.”, and they are right! Now take that one step further, and the qualities of that thought are the difference that makes a difference. Changing thought qualities, changes the meaning of those thoughts.

Well thought out plans usually work out better than those conceived of malformed thought.

Changing thoughts using the minds ability to think of different perspectives and change, exaggerate or diminish, the qualities of thoughts.

Changing thoughts.

  • Balanced thoughts that realistically represent reality usually gets realistic results.
  • Perspective changes everything.
  • Exaggerating or diminishing various qualities changes meaning.
  • Thoughts in time and “space”.
  • Thought change strategies hidden in plain language.
  • Re-categorizing thoughts.
  • Imprinting.

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