Body Language Training

Body language and tone is 90% of the message, go beyond words.Group of people displaying body language.

Body language and voice tone combine to create most of the message people are communicating. Many people are unaware that they are providing this information and just as many people don’t see it.

  • Enhance your senses to see, hear, feel, smell and taste more accurate details.
  • Facial expressions, gestures, posture and movement that will tell you far more than what someone may be intending to say.
    • Split facial expressions.
    • Micro expressions.
    • Gesture clusters.
    • Posture directions.
  • Body language, voice tone and vocal patterns that help you spot when someone is being less than truthful.
    • Truthful vs. deceitful facial cues.
    • Truthful vs. deceitful gestures and posture.
    • Truthful vs. deceitful vocal cues.

Learning this skill enables you to do the following:

  • Tune in to vast amounts of information that’s below the radar for most people.
  • Gather high quality, mission critical, information about other people.
  • Know the difference between when people tell you the truth, and when they tell you a lie!
  • Save tons of time and frustration by getting it right and avoiding embarrassing mistakes.

Learn some Body Language skills now! 

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