Expand Thinking – Find Solutions

Be able to expand thinking to include more reality.Expand Thinking.

Being able to expand thinking leads to more options and better choices. The answers people don’t have, are outside of their current thinking. Excellence comes from many choices and wisdom from considering many perspectives.

We all know thinking outside the box finds solutions. Now you get to learn how to do it!

Beliefs & Expectations.

  • Expectations and our belief in their validity, cause conflict and misunderstanding when not aligned with others expectations.

Categories Of Thinking.

  • Expand your thinking about any subject and gain a better understanding of contexts and conditions.
  • Know what categories of thinking to focus on for effective leadership when leading the activity, the people and the organization.

Changing Category Size.

  • Knowing how to navigate any subject enables you to find agreement, broaden perspective and identify criteria.

Mental Overload.

  • Stop overload and stay focused.
  • Induce overload and stop critical thinking.

Points of View.

  • Wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives.


  • Evaluate the situation.
  • Evaluate your evaluation, your opinion of your opinion.
  • Evaluate your evaluation of your evaluation, your opinion of your opinion of your opinion.


  • Zero certainty, partial certainty or absolute certainty. Knowing the degree of certainty you and others have, enables you to choose the right approach.

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