Reading Minds Is Not Mind Reading.

Reading minds is easy when you know the specific behaviors and words that reveal peoples thoughts.Two poeple reading minds.

What are they thinking? Reading minds gives you access to other peoples thinking strategies. The process and content of peoples thoughts, are reflected in their behavior and communication. Knowing this, you can target their thoughts and get results fast!

Acquire the thinking strategies that get the results you want. Help others by being able to spot the problems in their thinking.

Understanding misunderstanding.

  • Communication that is received as intended.
  • Communication that is NOT received as intended.

The Reality In People’s Minds.

  • Story, a representation of memory.
  • Memory, a representation of experience.
  • Experience, a representation of reality.

Thought Programs / Thinking Strategies

  • Sequence of thoughts.

Thought Indicators.

  • Behavior and language that reveals thoughts.

Track Thought Process & Structure.

  • Body movements.
  • Gestures.
  • Eye movements.

Track Process, Structure & Content!

  • Language that reflects thoughts.

Use And Application of reading minds.

  • Deliberate mind leading.
  • Strategy detection.
    • Love strategies.
    • Decision strategies.
  • Change minds.
  • Sensational communication.

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