Creating Change For A Change.

Everybody has goals. Creating change for a change, is the process of making them happen.Change - Blue Button

How to think about creating change, what to do and the tools to do it with. In this class you will begin applying what you learn to your current goals.

The process of making your goals happen will begin during the exercises.

What goals do you want to achieve?

The Boyleying Point.

  • High Score State
  • Be the best Every Day!


  • Process

Unconscious mind controls most activities

  • Program your autopilot.

Values / Success = worthy ideal

  • What is your “Worthy Ideal”?
  • Failure formula
  • Success formula.

Change Process

  • Capture
  • Create Goals
  • Know where you are.
  • Plan the work.
  • Know where you want to be. Decide & plan the course.
  • Work the plan.
  • Review and adjust.

Program Your Mind

  • Thinking techniques that cause your unconscious mind to seek out your goals.

Tools For creating Change

  • Free tools that put it all together.
  • Low tech pen & paper.
  • High tech (and easy) programs and apps.

Luck = Opportunity + Preparation

  • Make this event a #1 priority goal.
  • Your opportunity to fill in the gaps in what you already do.
  • Be prepared to improve your luck.
  • Have a complete system for achieving goals.

Learn some Create Change skills now! 

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