Language Patterns

Language patterns are in everybody’s story.x-default

You will use these language patterns in different ways, depending on your intention, to get the results you want. For example, instructing, persuading, entertaining, hypnotizing or a combination of those, each use these patterns in different ways.

When your intent is to gather information, help someone, or both, then, knowing what questions to ask and in what sequence, is the difference that makes a difference. Asking the right questions at the right time can expand someones reality, including yours, to include new insight, understanding and solutions.

People omit, simplify and limit their reality to make it easier to deal with. Then they tell their stories.

Patterns of intent.

  • Stories that are intended to make a point.
  • Double meanings that could be purposeful, funny or confusing.
  • Words that guide experience.
  • Sneaky ways of getting people to do things.

Patterns of limitation.

  • Statements that place limitations on people.

Patterns of simplification.

  • Statements that can create false beliefs.

Patterns of omission.

  • Missing information that may be important, or not.

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