Mind Control Is Easier Than You Think

Mind control is happening to all of us.

img-brainsidelinesOthers seek to control our minds and we seek greater control over our own minds. The more control you have over your mind, the less control others have over you.

You will learn how to gain greater control over your mind and the minds of others.

Mind is a SYSTEM that controls:

  • The way we think.
  • Our experience and perception of reality.
  • Our communication with ourselves.
  • Our communication with others.

6 internal senses, the M.A.P.

  • M.A.P. = Mind Altering Perspective.
  • M.A.P. is what WE work with.
  • M.A.P. is a re-presentation of reality.
  • Expand M.A.P. of reality for more choices.

Mind Control

  • Communication creates re-presentations in peoples minds.
  • Communication Channels.

Internal Communication.

  • Controls your own thoughts.
  • Create the thoughts you want to have.
  • People install themselves in your head.

External Communication.

  • Controls others thoughts.
  • Create the thoughts you want them to have.

Time Machine.

  • Past, Present and Future. What to do and when to do it.

Accessing states of mind / moods.

  • Mental Accessing
  • Physical accessing
  • Optimum access

Two sides of same coin.

  • Happy vs. Unhappy.
  • Control vs. Chaos, out of control.
  • Confident vs. Unsure.
  • Resourceful vs. limiting state of mind.

Learn some Mind Control skills now! 

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